Has any one heard of this company or worked with or for them? They emailed me today about inspections and working with them. They are out of Scottsdale AZ. I just keep getting a lot of calls and emails lately and most are just scams.

It’s another property preservation and inspections company. Some inspectors do them as filler although, typically, there isn’t much pay in them. But, most do not do them and have a hard time getting paid once they have done them :(… is what I hear on the forums.

Thanks Larry for the info. I did look at there web site and it looked nice, that’s the reason I put the question out there.

try one and see how it goes. I used to do similar work when I was getting started. didnt really pay much but beats nothing.

Thanks for the post. I heard truassets is a good place to inquire about investments and houses.