TRUCapture offers InterNACHI member discount.

Hello Everyone! My name is Matt, and I co-founded TruCapture for Home Inspectors. We are very excited to announce this huge discount for InterNACHI members. Check out our services at the link above, and get a free trial to see how your business can grow.
I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns! **

PS Part of our services include 1 on 1 professional marketing consulting. You’re getting this at an absolute steal with the InterNACHI discount!

Nice system for the price. Can any inspector who uses another system tells us how it compares to any other system. Thanks!

That is a great question. Let me interject so you don’t end up waiting. The TruCapture system was developed over 12 years through a successful home inspection firm, and was launched to the public 1 week ago, and through NACHI just today, so this is a grand opening!

As such, you won’t find much feedback from members here YET, but I will personally guarantee that you won’t find anything comparable near the price, or with the marketing features we offer (100% unique to TruCapture).


Could you please visit this link to address the question in post #1?

Of course, I would be happy to.

That question has been answered. =)

Thank you!