Truck Raffle - drawing January 2nd

Hey fellow inspectors.

My son’s Ohio football team is raffling off this truck to raise money for new helmets and uniforms for his next couple years.
Truck retails at $15,000. Prize of $10,000 cash if you don’t need the truck. Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100. Drawing on January 2nd. If you buy a ticket, please put Conner Brite as the player. Thanks!


Drawing is this Sunday. Just about 1200 entries right now so odds are very decent!

As a young teen I loved playing sports. Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Competitive Gymnastics, Tennis. With that comes gear. Football gear was the costliest. Mother, being separated, had a hard time making ends meet for 3 growing boys, 2 of which enjoyed sports.
I will donate to your cause. PayPal or other way to donate? No Credit Card dovations for me.
Good luck with all your endeavors, John.

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Thanks Robert!
If you want to PayPal me the amount for the tickets you want to purchase, I can then enter on your behalf and have the tickets emailed to you.

Also, give me the email and phone number you want to use.

Appreciate the support!

Hi John, I sent you a Paypal for a ticket. The are far better than tonight’s Powerball Lottery odds1 in 292,201,338.

Send ticket to my email 734-664-5853

Thanks John! Just sent you the ticket.

Just sent the money. Good luck.

Thanks Robert.
What email and phone would you like me to use?

For anyone that bought a ticket and would like to watch the drawing on Facebook:

Sent! Thanks again!