True Story

Years ago, around 15, I worked at a company with a security guard who was in WWII. His name was Guy and he had no problem telling me stories about his time off shore. Some of the things he said seemed like they were taken out of a war film while others made us both laugh. This man was tough as nails too and you could tell he was probably quite strong in his day. Prior to knowing this gentleman I’d never heard first hand accounts of what it’s like to be in various combat situations, have your buddy next to you die while you live or being in a situation where it’s you or them.

To be honest some of his stories seemed almost too dramatic to believe but what do I know. During those years I gained a new respect for those who serve and while I don’t like war I do know there’s no greater gift than to have another man willing to lay down his life for you and yours.

I think it’s unfair for anyone to call the letter writer a moron or whatever else he’s been called. In his defense he was in fact just acting as an uniformed citizen.

Quote from the letter writer:

“I have been called un-American by an unknown caller and I feel that I must address that. I served in the U.S. Navy and am a Vietnam veteran. I love my country and respect the jobs that the service organizations are doing.”

“Please accept my heartfelt apologies.”

Tom Macrae, Peoria

And, hats off to fellow veteran owned businesses here at NACHI!

Russ Spriggs
1973 - 1988

 Never heard an 18 gun salute.

Well, I don’t remember all of the protocols but I’m pretty sure 21 gun salutes are reserved for high ranking dignitaries only. I do know that there were 6 riflemen at the service and they fired 3 volleys. Now, was that by design or did one of the riflemen just not show up that morning…I don’t know.

Here’s one explanation:

back @ ya and the others

1969 - 1995

I got this from an old friend of mine a while back Loved this story I put it on my website
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