Truly a Newbie

Hi all,
I’m working toward my home inspector certification in IL (Chicagoland).

My background is in education. I have summers off in my current job, and I’m thinking that I’d like to get my business started this summer, as I’ll have the time to give it my all.

I gather that most inspectors have a background in construction, engineering, etc…

I think there could be some advantages to entering this industry as an educator (maybe market myself as an inspector who will explain the home’s systems and maintenance to the client, etc.), but I definitely feel at a disadvantage, entering this field without much building/construction background knowledge.

Have any of you started out in inspections without background in a related field? Did you really just get certified/licensed and then open your own business, or did you gain experience in a larger firm or related occupation, first?

Thanks for any advice or encouragement!

Consider my reply as thoughtful.

Being an educator is wonderful as you can bring your teaching skills to the inspection process. I must ask, what/ how can you teach a home buyer as you are now a student of inspections?

You mention you need to learn more about building but after over 40 years actually building I still consider myself as much a student as a teacher.

Today I addressed a room full of lenders and explained the process good construction professionals follow, tonight I am studying the Internachi septics course.

I suggest following an inspector for a day and see how much you know or don’t know. Then decide.

Go here to our home page: Download my free book: “How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business.

If you decide to become a student member take this class first!
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Nick’s book is awesome. Take all the courses you can. And if it was me, I’d find a CMI willing to let you shadow him/her this summer to really gain more knowledge and confidence. Lots of folks start off part-time on evenings & weekends, which clients like anyway as it’s convenient for them, and go full-time when they’re getting enough business to do so.

Look me up and give me a call. I was in education and behavioral health for years. I started and ran a school for behaviorally challenged kids. It’s still running…and I, after 20 yrs…ran from it. I would be happy to help you out. Buy Nick’s book too…is pretty good and he needs the money.

:slight_smile: Haha…

Hi Ariel,

Thanks for being forthright.
That’s a good sign!

Some experience would be good in all phases of building, business, entrepreneurship and perhaps more. But of course that would be a rather rare person who brings all that to the table from the get go! Most of us start with what skills and knowledge we have and build from there. Education is very valuable too, I consider a home inspection to be very much that, an education for the client.

My point is that you can never have it all before you jump in of course.
The ability to keep learning is much more important than making a few mistakes.

Keep us informed of your progress!

Once licensed see if you can find an inspector to mentor you for a period. I have a great mentor and study these threads almost nightly. Any information you may need is available through InterNACHI and these threads.

I 2nd that on Nick’s book! I followed his marketing techniques page-by-page down to the red phone and his suggestions WORK.

Welcome to your new career and to InterNACHI. You have a full staff of experts with InterNACHI that will help educate, certify, guide, AND inspire you.