Trumbull Electric panel

Found this panel in a 1960’s home. How many issues do you see? Sorry the pics aren’t more clear. Aluminum strand wiring, 70 amp undersized, no grounds only neutrals, lugs on the sides of panel double tapped feeding both the range and dryer, no disconnect unless the linked breaker top center is the main (my guess), otherwise 7 hand movements …water heater on another meter. I have not seen this panel before.

215 3rd St SW 139 (Small).jpg

215 3rd St SW 142 (Small).jpg

215 3rd St SW 140 (Small).jpg

215 3rd St SW 141 (Small).jpg

Old and obsolete. Are you sure about the date? These are generally found in much older buildings - like 40’s or 50’s.

I don’t believe that you have AL wiring in that panel. It looks to me like tinned-copper - hard to tell for sure.

Hi Jeff,
No I am not sure about the date, the realtor gave me that date, I was thinking it might be older as well. It could be copper tin coated but I didn’t see the cut end. Am I correct about this panel having a main disconnect? Would that open the circuits to the dryer and range that are on the sides?

I’ve never seen one of these used as service equipment. Usually it’s a load-side panel (subpanel) with a service disconnect somewhere else.

The two double-tapped lugs on the side are likely for the feeders from the service disconnect. It’s not likely that the two-pole breaker acts as the disconnect.

How did you determine that it’s a 70 amp service?

I used a gauge on the alum service entry wires #4. Also the dead front panel concured stating that it was 70 amp max. I believe that you maybe right, The lugs on the side are probably double tapped mains which probably fed the dryer disconnect. The double breaker is probably used for the range. That helps alot. So after all with seven hand movements and one not disconnected at the panel.

You have good enough information to defer this panel - between the tinned copper, double taps and age of the panel.

Next time, concentrate on getting clearer photos :wink:

Hi I have been looking all over for info on this Trumbull Panel Board, #315360. with Multi Breaker 261524
It says “suitable for use as service equipment” Rating max amps 70, volts 115-230 AC
From Trumbull Electric Mfg. Co. Plainville Conn. USA.
A General Electric Organization
I have to admit I am not an inspector or an electrician. I signed up as a guest because This is the only one of these I have been able to find any where on or off the internet!
I am in the process of purchasing a duplex from the owner. It was built in the 40"s. one side of the duplex has this for it’s power supply. It is working but I am wondering if I can somehow put an electric dryer outlet in . can this handle the load?