Truss Damage in New Construction

The pictures speak for themselves…


They must have gone out of their way to mishandle them that badly. Obviously zero supervision or real quality assurance, except for the independent buyer’s inspection.

Great save @ jpope! I’m sure your client is thankful.

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Almost looks like they were purchased from a lumber liquidation company to save $$$. Hard to imagin that much damage on a new build… or old work for that matter!!

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This particular builder (KB) kicked me off their job site last year after I found similar issues on three consecutive homes.

Initially, they refused to allow me access to this property as well. The client opted to wait until their move in date to have me perform the inspection and this was exactly what I expected to find…

In my report I recommended an independent engineer (rather than KB’s crew) for repair design and an independent contractor for repairs and supervision of corrections. Needless to say, KB won’t be allowing me on their site any time soon :slight_smile:


I find broken or damaged trusses almost everyday, larger homes with HIP roof (large truss assembly) seem to be more likely to suffer damage. I have noticed a pattern on some models too. The initial drop off of the truck is suspected in some cases to be the culprit.

OMG what a mess.

Or is that a custom build? :astonished:

What you said and/or damage by an incompetent crane operator. Sleazy builder didn’t want to slow progress. There’s no way that that damage was the result of anything else.

Yep, I’ve seen them roar up and out of the job site and heard the cracking over the diesel sound. No quality or pride in their work anymore. :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:

The deflection observed in the roof from the exterior was the first sign.

Not custom. This is a tract of $900K homes. 8000 new homes expected by the end of the year.

As a carpenter, many many years ago, I worked on several KB projects. They were always the worst when it came to quality of build.
They also had a big hand in breaking the union on residential construction.

A busy Lennar new-construction job site in Florida.

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How many square feet?

3700 sq ft.

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Great article about truss storage.