Truss Framing Oddity

Small triangle valley trusses spanning across those main trusses seems like the way it should have been done. Even common frame across trusses would work. No I do not think a ridge beam would work or would even be possible in this area.

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That is my plan. He actually reached out to us for this meeting, so it’s all on good terms anyway.

This will give me an excellent opportunity to show him that I am eager to learn things that I’m unclear on.


Keep us posted on how it goes. Always helps us with our learning through experience.


I will update after my meeting with the builder. I’m very curious on this because he wants us to inspect all of his new builds prior to sale from here on out. 12 currently, with over 60 per year planned moving forward. If we see this issue again, I want to be sure we know how to properly address it, if necessary.

I see nothing wrong in the pic that a home inspector would write up. As a former code official I would have ask for the truss shop drawings on site (during construction) to confirm design.


Which is why an alert home inspector should do the same thing. (at least ask that the builder verify the design)

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I keep forgetting to jump in here and provide the results. This was approved by the framing contractor.
It was run by the truss engineer, who stated this was not part of the truss design, and therefore not a part of their scope. Due to the rating of the OSB, the framing contractor saw no issues with it, said it wasn’t called for in the plans, and signed a letter that was provided to my client.

The builder did agree with me that it was odd, and he even went so far as to say, if the client wanted, he’d have someone go up and throw a few 2x’s in there. I have no idea if they requested that.

Anyways, thanks again for your input everyone!