Truss repair document confirmed by engineer

This is snip of an engineered repair for trusses intended to be 24" On Center (OC) that were set at 25.5" OC. This document was provided by a builder to one of my clients. Having seen several builders in the past provide fraudulent documents for truss repairs I called the engineer company and confirmed that this was indeed the repair for this situation.

You took good care of your client, Dave. :smile:

But was the entire rood at 25.5" on center? If so, there was a lot of wasted sheathing I would think.

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That’s consistent to repairs I have had to do in the past.

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Yep, here, too. :smile:

So an extra 1.5" required such major reinforcement? hard to believe

PS: Doing all that truss mathz just killed half of my brain :woozy_face: