Truss uplift

How common is truss uplift in areas with warmer climates like Texas? Does this mostly occur in cold climeates?

Will truss uplift cause doors to be out of square. 2005 built house I did today had no evidence of movement around the exterior. Although inside I found cracks at ceiling to wall and some doors would not shut or close. The frames out of square. Will truss uplift affect doors? I dont think its the foundation. Any comments would be appreciated.

How many of you recommend further review by structural engineer if its truss uplift?

If it’s actually truss uplift, what’s an SE going to tell you?

So no, I don’t in that case. But if your doors are out of square, that doesn’t sound like truss uplift to me.

Here’s a link that might explain truss uplift better.

Sounds more like settlement issues (past or present) in the basement or crawl space.