Truss web removed

I inspected an attic with 4 truss webs removed,I called it out on my report but the excuse I got from the realtor was that the hvac guy removed it so it must have been approved.Im sure it wasn’t, just by the way it was braced up.i recommended a structural engineer,should I recommend obtaining the paperwork stating approval of the work or not.

No you have done your job just be sure it is well written in your report .
Its called CYA cover your *****. Roy C

Trusses can not be altered in any way unless approved by an engineer. Engineer documents have the engineer’s stamp and signature. Some realtors crack me up!

What they said.

This entire article is an excellent read, but in this instance scroll down to “alterations” and send it to your client and the Realtor.

Oh yeah, that’s okay…:roll:

This is what I use in Florida:
*The Trusses have been damaged as seen in the attic,
this is a violation of the Florida Building Code for Existing Buildings as Trusses/Rafters are not to be “cut, notched, drilled,
spliced or otherwise altered in any way” unless approved by a RDP
(Registered Design Professional Engineer).
Additional evaluation in a more technically exhaustive fashion is required by an RDP per the Florida Building Code, this should take place before occupancy of the structure.


But Larry… I’m sure her “regular” inspector told her it’s a-ok!! :roll:

JJ, as Bruce so eloquently put it: ](*,)