Truss webs never attached to roof

Ceiling in garage below this is sagging. The only reason this was even accessible were the attic stairs cut into the ceiling.

It looks like they cut the girder truss or hip set truss, which are typically doubled, which would be a problem.

See here for more info:

Yeah, don’t know why it was cut. Looks to me like they used the wrong truss in the first place, and just cut the two webs on either side of the roof hip to fit it in there.
Even though it wouldn’t have been correct, at the very least they could have bolted the two webs to the rafters above.

To make matters worse, the garage door opener is below this area, which is going to exert stress every time the door is opened and closed, and the attic area is being used for storage as well.

What a mess. Would refer the client to review of the construction documents to confirm that the alterations were approved by the designer of record. As ugly as this is, the alterations are probably approved ( note the gusset plate connection picture # 1). If no record is recorded suggest review by a licensed design proffesional

Likely the original design of the ceiling height did not provide for space to install the opener and is the reason for alteration and the sloped ceiling