Trusses, ok, but horizonatal beams????

I was in an attic today. and found these beams, i have never seen this before, is this okay?? Does anybody see any issues here?

These appear to be look outs. Is this on the gable end perhaps? the way they are installed appears good but am not sure of the length. how long were they and what were they connected to behind you?

Very common. They are run horizontally to span an area with no trusses for one reason or another.

I was thinking he was standing in an exterior access. You could be correct. Not a normal here but have done it for a high ceiling area or a skylight.

I could go into my attic and take a picture just like open, but I won’t. I have a stick framed vaulted ceiling in the area between the trusses.

The span is roughyl 8 feet and both ends are attached to manufactured trusses. This is the the dead center peak of the roof

They are called purlins. I have seen entire roof systems framed this way. It is usually engineered for the original build, but those members look a bit small for the span. You can recommend further review if necessary.

Purlin drawing


I agree.