Truth in housing

Can someone fill me in on how to do a Truth In Housing Inspection. Is it done to satisfy the city or the homeowner. Are there fees involved for the inspector.

Roy Drangstveit

Hi Roy,

Unless you are licensed by the area that requires Truth In Housing Inspections you can’t do them.

Here is an info link.
The left column includes other Metro area that require them of the seller.

You can do buyer’s inspections however just like any other.

Hi Roy,

These inspections are required by a number of the metro area cities, Mpls., St. Paul, W. St. Paul, S. St Paul, Bloomingtom, Maplewood, and Hopkins. There may be more.
To do these you are required to pass a test for Mpls. or St. Paul to inspect TISH (Truth in Sale of Housing). in the other cities.
The tests are given every 2 or 3 years St Paul just had one. Bloomington gives a test more often for their city.
The test cost about $100.00 if you pass the written part then you do the test house if you pass that than you can get the license. It cost is around $100.00 a year. That is about the cost per city.
The cities have their own forms, each city is different.
Every house sold in these cities have to be inspected for a disclosure report before it can be put up for sale.
For each inspection you do, depending on the city, you are required to pay from $20.00 to $40.00 to the city. These inspections normally go to the cheapest inspector around because each city has a list of inspectors that can do them, and the sellers just go down the list looking for the lowest price.
You must also carry insurance, most get it through MJUA (Minnesota Joint Underwriters Association) it cost about $15.00 per inspection + a yearly premium, it’s not very much.
Hope this helps you.