Try my online home inspection fee calculator.

We don’t have many crawlspaces here in Massachusetts, but when I do have to low crawl in these areas, my fee does not go up. It’s part of the home inspection.

If I were a Buyer and my home inspector stated that the inspection fee is going to go up due to a crawlspace, I’d be pissed off.

Exactly, same here. One price here, based upon the ‘norm’. It it varies from the norm, so be it. It all averages out over time. Some inspector’s over-complicate their price structures. Make it easy for potential clients to say YES !!!

Well then, after you set up the Standards Rates box, your office manager or partner can price a home inspection as if it were second nature to them (and be right in line with your thinking).

Nick this seems like a great tool for the office when I’m in the field! Where can we find it on the website, so my secretary can find it easily? Do you have a recomendation for a base price…I was thinking around $250. It seems there are just so many Inspectors out here in southern California that are undercutting what I would and have considered reasonable prices for a proper home inspection. This is my first time posting so all responses are appreciated.



Great idea It appears darn close

Excellent resource. Thanks. I have wondered how to bid in these other factors. Thanks.

Welcome to the message board. Here is the direct link:

I see a few issues with this.

  1. 90% of the people who post to this forum dont have a secretary.
  2. If you cant answer a price quote w/out a calculator what happens when they ask you a question directly related to your services?
  3. Flat fees that are consistent is what clients want, especially agents. Nobody wants to be confused by answering a questionnaire before you quote them.

it needs a box for what does your competion charge and would you rather make 300 bucks or sit at home

I spend an average of 10-15 minutes on the initial phone call with my potential clients. I have gone as long as 30 minutes. On any phone call that lasts longer than 2 minutes, I have a 70% conversion rate. On calls longer than 5 minutes… 95%. On calls less than 2 minutes, it drops to about 5%. Yep, price shoppers.

Come to either one of my presentations next month (Vegas or Florida) and I’ll show you how to charge more than your competitors and get it… even after the customer has gone shoppin’.

working on my experience still Nick. I think I am well over 300 inspections by now, haven’t counted in a while. Prices range from $200 - $350 for average size house im in the middle. Pretty good for a guy in his second year I think.

Used it twice was out to lunch had wifi available opened ath article. How do you import to my computer. Got both jobs though. Like you say play with it a litttle.
David Torres

I agree David. I have my own mental method/ price calculator in my head. It works pretty well. I will admit I have done my share of inspections that after completing them, I feel I priced it a little low, but at the same time I have has as many that were a cake walk and I think I may have been on the high side. With the low overhead we have it all washes out in the end.


As a new home inspector that is just starting off this could be very valuable, however I have one concern. I am working in the NYC area where things are often more expensive, and I think it would be really great if the calculator factored in zip code.

It does that already. Each user sets up the calculator to work for them and their local market by adjusting the factors in the light grey box first. Play with the factors in the light grey box and keep testing it until you get it to work the way you want it to, for your local area (wherever that may be).

Unless everyone in my area did this, this pricing tool would put me out of business in 1 week. The average rate is only $475 ish.