Try to avoid off-topic posts

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I’ve noticed that many people post off-topic. For example, there was a discussion going on about the term “appeared serviceable” in a topic entitled “Feedback.” within the section. If you have something to say that doesn’t really have to do with the discussion you’re in, just click the “new topic” button instead of replying.

It's much easier to find relevant information that way, and it makes discussions easier to follow. There's no limit on how many topics can be created, so go wild ![icon_smile.gif](upload://b6iczyK1ETUUqRUc4PAkX83GF2O.gif)

Chris Morrell
Director of Information Technology


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Sometimes conversations just evolve into something they were not originally intended. While most here understand the importance of staying on topic, it is just not always possible or desireable. Many inspectors here have different thought waves which helps the rest of us understand where everyone is coming from. Technically speaking they are off topic but thank God they share those thoughts with us, they help us understand where others are coming from.

I have to admit I am most likely the biggest offender and I will try harder to stay on topic.

Joe Myers