Trying to do something for the good of the world

please visit my new website

Click on the forum link on the bottom of the page and register now.

Registered users can have a signature just like you do here with links to all your stuff.
I will not spam or sell your email addresses
I just need a bunch of people to participate.

It will be nothing but fun and hopefully get the whole world eating better.
The site will change on a daily basis and I’m looking for any and all input you may have on it.
Thanks in advance I hope to see you all there soon.

Come on. 40 views and one guy signed up.

Lets save the world together :slight_smile:

Help people get good and fresh food from folks in their area.

Think about the google juice for you links and such :slight_smile:

I like my privacy. Seems you are just wanting SEO. We are not dumb.

You are totally incorrect.

I have had this idea for some time. I hinted in the past about how I was passionate about something and my next idea was going to better the world and this is it :slight_smile:
I mentioned the signature feature to give other another reason to join.
I am doing it all myself for the reason posted at

Someday this may just help millions of people around the world to get fresh food from their friends and neighbors and put a dent in the impact we have on our earth shipping things from many miles away just to eat.

The site is all about getting your food from as local of an area as possible.

I could use all the members I can get so if you believe in the think locally act globally movement please consider becoming a member. We should be eating more foods that are from our area and in season.

This has nothing to do with SEO for me. It may help others but probabally not to much because it does not have anything to do with inspections.

Second day up and nobody is signing up. I guess no one goes to the misc section anymore.

Come on get in on the next big thing.

Come one come all.
Tell me where you are from and I will put your State on the site.
visit become a registered user and help save the world.

No offense Michael, but I don’t feel the need to use the internet to help me find groceries. :smiley:

I am more hoping to stop waste and get folks to eat local seasonal foods.

When times were good I had a subscription :smiley:

Me too! I still get the magazine at our local library on a weekly basis.
Our library system has a ton of good magazines that I don’t have to buy.

It really is an interesting mag.

Sign up at and be a registered user I already added your State.

I will add any place any of our members want so they can get started in their community.

That old rag (M.E.N.) went to hell back in the early 90’s. Sold out to the corporate world.

BWH took it’s place for REAL information.


I too want to do something good for the world and those that live in houses. Please visit and then join my new organization.


Then send your membership fee of $87.00 so we can make sure everyone is protected… :wink:

Hu hu hhhh hu good one ------

Come on…

What do you have to do that is more important than helping you children’s planet.

It cost you nothing and will cause you no problems.

You may just end up finding some fresh local stuff just around the corner.

Here is the link in case you forgot. Please become a registered member today.


Come on get off the stick and register.

Times are Great, seldom do I eat at home, I go to very good restaurants each evening with my GF, I could care less if Jim-Bob next door is growing Rutabaga, Kohlrabi, or anything other domestic exotic vegetables for that matter.

If I should hear Chickens, Roosters, Pigs, Beef, etc; in the neighborhood, I may report them to the Board of health, if I don’t shot them first…:cool:

Your opinions could be differ, a good steakhouse or seafood joint is mine…:stuck_out_tongue:

You gotta be bored out of your f u c k i n g Mind------:roll: