Trying to enroll in a school.

I am having trouble enrolling in a school here in north Texas. For the past two days I have called AHIT to enroll in their program. Left message yesterday (no return call) and today. (CSR stated admissions would call,no call back). So can anybody recommend training that provides the 448 hrs required by Texas. I have never had so much trouble giving a school money.
I have thought long and hard about my career change and have decided to move ahead. Though I could probably make more money initially staying in my current career (14 years). This is not about money. I feel I would get more satisfaction and fulfillment from an inspection career.

Again.I’m looking for training in Texas that provides the 448 hrs required by TREC.
Recommendations please.

all these are approved through trec

Many of the schools listed are run by NACHI members.

Thank You

I graduated from Kaplin’s school a few months ago, their course are very good and the staff very helpful.

instead of learking, you should join membership.
There are many benefits of being a member.

Personally I think that AHITI is a great education, although I did their
course many years ago. I supose they should be even better now. ?


Our Dallas Chapter holds its monthly meetings at ITA. Contact ITA’s Richard Whitsitt. He is ITA’s Director and a Director at NACHI too:

AHIT is superb. What a bunch of great instructors. They are very willing to work financing, also. They are very fair.:wink:

Enrolled in Ahit today.
Their online capabilities should work well with my current very irregular schedule. I did look into the schools suggested and listed at TREC and took all factors into consideration
Again, Thank You for your responses. As for joining NACHI, I’m quite sure I will soon. In the meantime “I’m late for school”.

Halfway through with my courses.
Everythings good so far.

I have completed the home study course and waiting for my certificates to arrive from AHIT (to send in to TREC for eval). In the meantime. I am also presently attending AHIT’s 7 day classroom course. I’m going to try to schedule and take TREC’s license test by the end of the year, if possible.

Another Update-
My hopes of taking TREC’s license exam before the new year went unmet. But, I am now scheduled to take the exam on Saturday Jan 6th. So i’ve been up late- studying my code check books, TX SOP, and other referance materials.