Trying to play, water diverting games... okay let's do it

Thanks, Joseph. I appreciate the prayers. You’re a good man.

Wow Larry I can’t even imagine a loss like that Partner…I just have no words to say how sorry I am You’ve had to deal with this. I’m guessing the cancer couldn’t have been a lot of fun either. I had some pretty significant oral surgery the end of last year and am still getting feeling back to parts of my face…nerve damage can be quite entertaining…well I think we can assume this year will be better for You Partner…

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Well Marcel it’s like this , when we were looking at floor plans for the smaller house the commander said we didn’t need a basement as she would never have a need to go into it…now do You see why I’m finishing the basement?

Oh Yeah!:wink:

Thanks, Jim, for the condolences. You’re a good man. And, you are right, it can’t get anything but better from here on out. :upside_down_face: We’ll get through it all.

Its really cool…