Trying to save the gallery photos

For some reason when I try to save the images from the gallery, it wants to save it as a WEBP file and not a JPG. I’ve done it in the past but now I cant save it properly.

Any ideas?


Trying to save to a Mobile device?
Check your device Settings.

No, desktop computer

I just tried a couple, and they are fine.
Which are you specifically trying to download, and are you taking them from the Forums or the Website?

from the website

I just went to google and looked up a random image just to try something else and right clicked to save to computer and it will save as a JPG. When I do it from the nachi gallery it wants to save as a WEBP file. Weird


What OS are you using. I use Microsoft Win10 64.

Are you Sniping Tool?
If so you have several formats to save. PNG, JPEG, GIF, HTML etc…

Thanks Bob, this worked.

FastStone image viewer can also view the pictures downloaded as .webp. You can get it here: