Tubular Corrugated drainage material/piping

Can someone interpret this for me. Code diving is painful but I believe this is IRC 2021 Chapter 30 Sanitary Drainage; Section P3002 Materials:

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Thanks Martin. So assuming that I knew what tubular corrugated piping looks like, my take away is that the pictured fitting is quite OK if positioned between the sink and the trap. But nowhere else.
Thats how I see it and my on site reporting will reflect that

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Morning, Alan. D
As to; Tubular Corrugated Drainage Material, piping to be more precise, the only thing I can think of right now is weep tiles for moving ground water. Interior Sanitary piping require smooth interior surfaces. Corrugated piping is not allowed. The raised ridges would impede solids from flowing easily.
Black corrugated pipe is most commonly used for gravity flow water management ,

That is correct Alan. Premade P-trap’s installed under a lavatory sink are often referred to as tubular traps or tubular fittings. These fittings have a mechanical connection and are not approved in the DWV system where it is concealed.


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