Turkey fryer?

Fried turkey is becoming more and more popular every year. However they can be very dangerous. So dangerous that Underwriters Laboratories and National Fire Protection Association advise against using them. If you do decide to fry your turkey be sure to follow all safety tips.

Keep children and pets clear of the fryer area at all times.
Always have a grease fire rated extinguisher nearby.
Do not fry turkeys on a deck or other structure which is flammable, keep the fryer a safe distance from all buildings trees bushes etc. never fry a turkey in a garage.
Always wear eye protection and oven gloves when handling the turkey.
Never move the fryer
Be sure your bird is completely thawed, ice or water added to hot oil can cause severe splattering.
Never operate fryer in rain or snow, once again severe splattering which can lead to fire.
Keep the tank as far from the fryer as possible.
Read the instructions and use the correct amount of oil do not overfill.
The oil temperature should be 350 degrees.
Monitor the fryer constantly, never leave it unattended.
Shut down the fryer when adding the bird, then turn it back on once the bird is in the fryer.
Avoid stuffing the bird when frying.

The best bet is to not fry the turkey, I recommend this recipe.
Use the oven or a counter top roaster, fold together at edges enough foil to completely wrap the bird, set the large foil sheet in the roaster or a roaster pan if using the oven. Put the seasoned bird ( I like to inject mine with marinade the night before and then inject with melted butter right before I cook it, and then season the bird per your taste) on the foil, pour a beer in the bird. If you stuff the bird just pour it in the bottom. Seal the bird to make sure it is as airtight as possible.
Pour a couple cups of water in the pan or roaster outside of the foil pack.
Cook on 450 for 4 to 6 hours depending on the size of your bird.
When your ready to serve, forget the fork and knife, use a pair of tongs and a fork as the meat will just fall apart. Be ready for the moistest, most tender turkey you’ve ever eaten! Happy Thanksgiving!:smiley:

I’ll stick with my smoked brisket :slight_smile:

I use this http://www.charbroil.com/the-big-easy-fryer-with-22-piece-accessory-kit-2199125.html?gclid=CM6js6Xsk8ICFXBp7AodPDgAtg

Makes a awesome Turkey with no worries about the oil!! I recommend it!!

Secret family recipe and one of these for the best juiciest bird ever… and the SAFEST!!!

$1.98 vs $129.00 +++

Quite the no-brainer!


I like to brine our turkey prior to cooking. Great flavor and very moist.

I agree fully, we have been doing this for many years, we use a different brine every year and have yet to find one we didn’t like.

Just remember to rinse the brine off of the turkey before cooking it, and also remember that a brine turkey cooks faster we are usually done an hour early.

Best holiday ever:D

Hmmm like the brine idea, have to try that.

This is what we use to fry a turkey…No oil, No mess, No worries:mrgreen: We use Tony Chachere Cajun Seasoning and eject the bird about 24 hours before cooking. Comes out so great, you have to try it.

So are donuts.

I prefer smoked birds…:smiley:


Trying something new this year, thanks JJ ;-)Happy Thanksgiving!:smiley:


Picked up a Big Easy at Academy on Monday for $80 bucks and tried it out yesterday and was blown away using creole butter and the Cajun seasoning, clean up was super simple and took less than 5 minutes…

Has anyone tried doing ribs yet?

Want to cause some excitement put a Cornish hen inside the turkey you are cooking . See how many freak out thinking you have cooked a pregnant turkey .

That’s precious. :slight_smile:

A guy was telling me the other day about a turducken, stuff the turkey with deboned duck and chicken, the grease from the duck is supposed to penetrate the whole thing. Gonna have to try it sometime. Seems like a winner for the smoker.

Sam… how did your bird turn out? Be honest.

It was good, different for sure, in a good way, and was above average as far as most birds go. But honestly, the other one I made this year won the popularity contest. Thanks though, I always like trying new things. Still gonna try that trick for some other items too! :slight_smile: Usually I make the pig drink the beer before the heat is on, next time gonna try the bucket treatment. :wink:

I was eye balling Cornish hens thinking about this thread at the store the other day:p

Steven Colbert had a funny bit on The Late Show the other night, he was calling one of the bigger turkey providers, (Honeysuckle, Butterball etc) who have a turkey hotline to answer questions about cooking turkeys. He was talking to one of the operators and said that he wanted to make a turducken (turkey, duck and chicken made popular by John Madden I believe, shown during the football games) and Steven told the operator he was having a hard time getting the duck inside of the turkey because the turkey kept running away.

He called back numerous times, some of them were pretty funny.