Turn it up please

Commercial building water heater had a recirc. pump because of distance to fixtures. Pump plugged in but not running. How in the world would you fix this. Turn it up? :shock: :shock: :shock: :mrgreen: And check the back flow on the vent.

5 County 3 2 07 026.jpg

5 County 3 2 07 025.jpg

I would go here http://www.wattsreg.com/pdf/F-H20LS-Reprint.pdf print of plate 2 page ten and put this in with me report .
I would write in my report that the water is to hot and that you have not tested the pump as it was not running.
I would also state that it looks like there is a blow back on the water heater and recommend they get them immediatly serviced by a qualified person.

Roy Cooke
Like your print on the pictures what program are you using
Thanks Roy Cooke

The areas you have circled look more like water stains than soot.:smiley: Just my thought.

I did a smoke test. Smoke was not going up the vent. After picture was taken I wipe some off, awful easy to get off. And I could turn the end of the pump with my finger. Took a long time to get hot water at long run fixtures also.

Thanks Roy for the chart I’ll send it with the report.