turn off notifications from 3rd parties

If you have not checked, make sure your third party notifications are turned off for any service you do not use/promote. In the case of HON, just turning off the little box in your settings may not be enough. Mine is turned off in my settings but the HON symbol still shows up for some reason. Don’t actually know what it means but it is a little disconcerting. Oh, and don’t criticize HG on the Homegauge Users FB page or the dweebs will block you from posting. BTW dweebs, I was correct regardless of what you allowed HG to say while blocking me from defending my position. stick it where the sun don’t shine.

It wasn’t HomeGauge William. We didn’t do anything. You are mistaken.

Very adult behavior on your part William.
One of the dweebs

William, yesterday we called OneSource and asked them where they got that lead. They said your buyer called them and One Source asked who is your inspector? Then the Buyer told them you. Now you think we had something to do with it? We did not. You are wrong. Now, take a deep breath and consider I am telling the truth. It is entirely possible.

As the other dweeb, I cut someone a lot of slack because I respected you.
Respected, now in the past tense.