Turn on the shower and water the flowers

I typically will turn on all plumbing fixtures and let them run for a while… I am careful not to walk away from them until I know they are draining properly…this was a first for me though…

No sign of moisture in the home… I checked the ceilings, walls and floor…go figure.

Custom shower?

All kitchen and bath fixtures were draining properly,

the sewer lateral not so much.

Actually Joe, it’s an acrylic shower tub combo…located on the 2nd floor…foundation is a slab.

From a GC standpoint I would pull the carpet up and if I couldn’t get any readings
from there I would open up the wall cavity.

The only thing I can think of is that is that the waste line is damaged where it passes through the slab foundation wall under the porch slab.

The contract price was 120k…home was originally built and sold for 200 - 230k however nothing in that area would go for over 180k at this time.
The last renters that lived there destroyed all the appliance, carpet, damaged the HVAC and destroyed all light fixtures.

When I finished the inspection my client was wondering about some sort of a discount…told them that my discount is not charging them more the additional report writing that I have to do…they originally told me the home wasn’t too bad…I suppose their definition of bad and mine are two different things.