Turn out the lights the party is over

No pics from the ground charley?

Did you forget again?

Your not from Missouri FAT Boy I am not required to show you anything.

I just had a Will made out and I included you on the first of my list, I want to be buried face down so people like you can Kiss my A**:shock:

Any fool who grabs the service conductors so he can take a picture is goofy in the head.

How did you manage to make to 80?

I got old and wise by not weighing over 300 lbs and not hiding in my basement its called exercise something you know nothing about. You should call Dan Marino he could probably get you a reduced rate for the unemployed on Nutri System :wink: they will ship the food only to your front door your wife could bring it to the basement for ya:shock:

Your momma should wash out your mouth for lying.

I had some friends that did Nutri a few years back.

Yep, both got fat again. They spent a lot of money getting thin.

80 is getting up there charley.

My mother in law is 88 and in an assisted living.

You’re not far behind.

But at least I can be buried in a standard coffin Fat boy, they will have to bury you in the Hurst after they knock a hole in your basement wall to remove your body:shock:

Got spell check wrinkled monkey boy?

Sure is fun making charley look the goofball.

BTW - I have a walk out basement. :wink:

Nice wife in the pic but Fat boy you sure need to loose some weight its just not healthy

Curious minds want to know do you inspect houses wearing snow shoes so you don’t make tracks in peoples yards with all that weight you carry




Look like you belong on WGN Mike.

See that wasn’t so hard now was it?

That pic is about 4 years old.

Still have all my hair though. :wink:

Apparently charley is a stand in for Lurch


Try to stay on topic here when are ya gona start loosing that weight its really not healthy just how much over 300 are you, how in the world do you fit into attics and crawls oh sorry ya just have basements where you hibernate no crawls:shock:

Have you ordered your casket yet?

Charles and Michael. Oh my.

A match made in He…(take your pick!)

You boyz hav fun now!

And no hittin’ below the belt!

Well he stuck his nose in my thread uninvited and if he can not take the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen. He should know by now he does not have the mental equipment to win a verbal battle with me:D;-)

Boo hoo

Is that all you have Fat boy

Haven’t had coffee yet old man. Just warming up.

Well ya gona have to play with yourself I have work to do something your not accustomed to;-)

charley’s home sweet home.