Turn out the lights the party is over

Who said I didn’t?


Feather weight is in the lead. ;):mrgreen::slight_smile:


Hey Fat boy I see a non member is complaining that this thread is nothing but insults. I thought it was just fun and amusement to produce clicks for Nick. I guess he was never on a Farm or the Navy because this thread is nothing if you really get me wound up I know a few Navy terms that will burn your ears. My suggestion is if you don’t like this thread don’t read it. :roll:

Winding you up would only take half a turn. Your spring is short and weak.

What a great way to spend a Sunday evening .
Hey Kids! Look the clowns are at it again.

Just trying help the old folks out.

Thank you Michael .

Shut up and stop rambling old man.

Nobody cares Fat Boy.

Can we carve you up with them? or use our sharp tongues instead ?


Harley-Davidson Fat Boy #2528684

I think they’re already doing the carvin’!
We’ll just pick up the scraps n’ feed em’ to the critters when they’re done. :twisted:

Your cheeks won’t fit on that Fat Boy ya need a dump truck