turning on gas

What is your rule of thumb for turning on gas for foreclosures? Some homes may have been winterized for a year or more. Gas company opened at meter, but inside valves still in the off position for both HVAC and water heater. I"ve been putting as a limitation until a licensed plumber/HVAC technician verifies. Thoughts?

In Okla we do not turn the gas on the gas company has a plug in the line that prevents opening the shut off valve. The Gas company is required to check the furnace and WH before they turn the gas on.

NO, NO and NO.

I recently had the gas company turn one back on while I was there.

He could not leave it on for more than a short time as the creep meter would not stop.

There was a hole in the CSST.

do you really want to be there when it blows up or be held responsible after you leave?

Nobody here should be giving out advice to turn them on.
That goes double because you needed to ask.

I dont turn on ANY utility thats off. I cant be sure why its off or what catastrophie may occour once turned on.

How about when the gas valve (s) are On but the pilot is Off as where a gas fireplace pilot was turned Off for the summer…

Would you turn it On to see if the fireplace works and then turn it back Off?

I do light gas fireplaces. And yes I turn it back off.

I personally light any pilot lights if necessary but that was my trade I don’t recommend it for the average inspector and beside it is against somebody’s SOP I am quite sure;-);-):smiley:

Goes back to …if you need to ask.:wink:

Great information. Thanks. I"ve been running into this a lot lately and you’ve confirmed what I have always done. ( or not done ) ha… I"ll leave the turning on and lighting with the hvac guys.

Well said