TV above Wood burning fireplace

Is this ok?
I had a client e-mail me to bring a thermometer to see if the temp goes above 90 degrees while he burns wood?

Strange request? yes or no

I attribute a lot of this to HGTV Robert, they are always showing flat screens over fireplaces or in bathrooms and sometimes the way they do it may not be too wrong…a flat screen high enough above a vented gas fireplace with a proper mantle and spacing may work out ok, but I just have a vision …super bowl sunday… the guys over to watch the game…a few beers later …hey it’s getting cold in here throw some wood on that fire…hey how come Your tv’s melting Dude???..some things just aren’t practical…imo…jim


still not sure what to tell the guy?

I’ve got candles above my fireplace.

They don’t melt even with the biggest fire I can start.

Why would a television have any issues with it?

I just called him and said that even if we test , there is know way to know conditions if they vary.
He said the developer put the cable right there and I told him good, let the guy be liable then.

If it was totaly safe, all these sites would not say to take the temp first.

I think that was a wise choice…there is just no way of telling how someone will use a wood burning fireplace…why stick your neck out there?