TV Antenna grounding

How many check to see if a TV antenna mast is grounded? It’s required. A lack of a ground could ruin expensive television equipment plugged into the coax.

I disclaim it. But wondering how detailed others get.

I can’t remember the last time I saw an antenna - except for the abandoned ones in attics.

Everything around here is dish or cable. The grounding is almost always done improperly. I disclaim them and only comment on the ones that adversely affect some other system. For instance, when the grounding bracket interferes with opening and closing the service panel, or when they use a gas line to ground their system.

They are becoming more popular now that you can get HD over the air for local channels, and with the economy tanking people are cutting their cable/satellite loose.

I was in CATV install for a while and do not even think about it , but you are right to bring this up.

TV antenna mast, towers and cable should be grounded.

Tower’s come in handy to go on roofs, no need to get the ladder out of the truck…

Most that I see are not in use and what I do mention is that they be removed or its bottom planked so that kid don’t climb them and get injured.

I may just add to my disclaimer and mention that they should be grounded to prevent damage.

I thought it wasn’t within scope of the inspection

2. Standards of Practice

2.1. Roof
I. The inspector shall inspect from ground level or eaves:
[INDENT] A. the roof covering;
B. the gutters;
C. the downspouts;
D. the vents, flashings, skylights, chimney and other roof
penetrations; and
E. the general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors or stairs.
II. The inspector is not required to:
A. walk on any pitched roof surface.
B. predict the service life expectancy.
C. inspect underground downspout diverter drainage pipes.
D. remove snow, ice, debris or other conditions that prohibit the observation of the roof surfaces.
E. move insulation.
F. inspect antennae, lightning arresters, de-icing equipment, or similar attachments.
G. walk on any roof areas that appear, in the opinion of the inspector, to be unsafe.
H. walk on any roof areas if it might, in the opinion of the inspector, cause damage.
I. perform a water test.
J. warrant or certify the roof.
K. confirm proper fastening.

It isn’t and I don’t. But lots of folks exceed the scope. Honestly, it came to my mind when I added an external antenna to my home to pick up HD over the air signals.

No, great thought Joe.

SOP has nothing to do with doing a good job.
Too many want to slide by and do as little as possible.

I guess it would be a good idea to make sure they are grounded. could be a safety issue.

It’s more of a asset protection issue. If lightening strikes the tall metal thing sticking way up in the air above the house, and it runs along the metal cable connecting it to a $2000 plasma TV…no more Andy & Barney!

But then, I guess that’s what insurance is for.

It happen to my brother, lightning hit the roof antenna which was ungrounded.

It split open the side wall and burned the electrical circuit; all 4 wall light fixtures bulbs were popped, glass all over the floor. You could walk through that wall and see the charred insulation / wood stud; it even burned the submersible water pump.

Insurance paid for the damage but luckily for them no one was home at the time as the couch was positioned on that split open wall…

I personally saw a TV set that blew out from a ungrounded cable line minutes after it happened.

Hey Joe,
Just a thought here but you might want to keep in mind to set your antenna away from where the tree leaves will interfere come spring. I have reception issues with the change of seasons and wind. (country life) I’ve found a cheap set of rabbit ears get better reception and when the wind blows I don’t have to go out and adjust the big antenna. ( I was really getting pissed during the superbowl) But I refuse to pay for free tv. The kids actually entertain themselves too.

I put the antenna up, intending to drop Direct TV because my “basic” cable bill was about $49 per month. When I got everything hooked up and called them to cancel, they lowered my rate for 1 year to $29 per month for the same package. I kept it, only so I could continue to watch Fox News.

Damn them :slight_smile:

Indeed…and also becomes an important concern with lightning and surface arching that could lead to a fire if not properly grounded. I would indeed make a report note on it when present conditions dictate it.