Anyone in Colorado interested in a 52 inch TV. Its free but you have to pick it up.

Donate it to one of your local schools and you can get the tax advantage while doing something good for a school that could very well use a large TV for a learning tool.

Or donate it to your favorite local pub and drink for free.:wink:

He never said it worked.

Ship it up to Nick. He can use it in the NACHI HQ waiting room.

If no one wants it im going to take a sledge to it.

Savlation Army will come pick it up then resell it for $300.

No the Salvation army and Good will will not remove it from the home. You have to set it out for them. I cant remove it by myself with out destroying it. Its surprising that no one is interested in that size of a TV for free.

Stop by your local church, they will help you remove it and give it to someone. It would be a shame to destroy it.

Go to your local pub and donate it. Think of all the new friends you’ll have Hank. Maybe some new lady friends too.:wink: :wink: Don’t donate it to a school or church, our youth watches too much TV at home. Do the right think Hank.

Mom and dad want bigger!
and one that’s not a room hog

I saw some parents arguing at Schmo’s yesterday about a 32" or the 47" Vertigo for their 4 year olds room, crazy! :roll:

I didn’t stick around for the outcome but I’d bet 10:1 mom got her the 47" or dad ain’t getting…

looks like it’s Hammer Time be careless :twisted:

All gone you missed out!