Twilight zone inspection

No real “meaning” for the logo. I wanted something that I could also just use the picture without the words for avatars and such… yes, a house with a checkmark, window in the house carries over the the “A” in McRae. Got it done online from a logo design contest site, got cards done there too. Attached are B&W logo and my cards (front and back).

Grilled cheese with maple syrup is the only way to go!

McRae Home Inspections logo white..jpg


Now I understand the logo better. I also like the way the you use it as an A on the other things.

Could you post a link to the site you used a lot of folks might like that info.

Thanks for not posting " New Logo for McRAE HOME INSPECTIONS " in the Miscellaneous Discusion Section. \:D/

There a few different websites with the same idea, but I used