Two Day IR Class Coming to Miami Soon

Two Day IR Class Coming to Miami Soon

When and where?
And any coming to Fort Lauderdale?

Cost ?
Is this Level 1 Certification?

Cost of our IR class is $300, plus you get $100 off your interNACHI
renewal fee.

Location will be in Miami. Details in the works.

This class has the same basic principles of a Level I class, but is
not Level I. The average Level I class is 4 days long and cost
approx $1400 to $2000.

We are working with Inspector Brotherhood to set this up.

This will be our only IR class coming up in Florida.

See an outline of class at

Nick Gromicko is having an event in Miami and we will
set up our class after his event.

What is the duration of the class?

John will you be using cameras and if we took your class once do we have to pay for a refresher one?

For those reading I won a free class at one of our famous christmas parties and learned a ton it was online though and I bet the live class will be great.


If you see this, what do you have planned?