Two different amp box's.

I recently inspected a home that had a 200 amp main disconnect at the meter, but the breaker box inside the home was only 125 amp. So, my question is does this matter? Any input would be great, Thanks.

Do you have pictures to post with the dead fronts off?

What size was the SEC?

What size was the feeder going to the distribution panel and was it wired with the grounded conductors isolated from the panel board and separated from the grounding conductors?

In general is this acceptable or is there many things to consider? And no I didn’t remove the dead cover as it was rusty and the screws were stripped on the heads.

Most likely a service upgrade of the service equipment to 200A, but still 125A feeder to the interior sub panel. Need to open the boxes to confirm the building has a 200A service, and not overfused.

Interesting, I have not had covers that had proper screws stripped such that they were not removable on two panel board covers on the same home.

And,yes, there are many things to inspect to determine whether the setup is acceptable, or not.

I can’t verify they were the proper screws because I couldn’t remove them to see, this was on the inside breaker box. It was the outside main disconnect that had the rusted screw heads. With the overall condition of both box’s I didn’t feel comfortable removing the dead covers.

Write up what you found and the questions it raised and defer to a licensed electrician for confirmation

In the end thats what I did, this is the first time I have ran across this issue.