Two Femto-Tech CRM-510 Continuous Radon Monitors

I have two Femto-Tech CRM-510 continuous Radon monitors for sale. I bought them around 2 years ago for $4,000 each. They are due for calibration February 16, 2019. Asking $1500 each for them. They hook to the computer and you download the test for building the PDF, Word Doc, etc formats for the Radon reports. Comes with Pelican case too. I’ve ran many reports with them, and they’ve been a solid money maker.


So, why are you selling?

Sorry for the late response, I didn’t see any email notifying me that I had a reply to the post.

I have moved to a different style of detector. I have bought a few of the Airthings Pro detectors, and like them for ease of use connecting to Bluetooth. They do not do as detailed of reporting, but they are good for ease of use. The Femto-tech ones work easy enough as well, but the Airthings ones for me are a tad easier because I can sit in my truck after picking them up and deliver a report without having to hook my laptop via cord to the machine.

By the way, it’s taking a while to sell them, so I’m dropping the price to $1200 asking for each. I’d just as soon be done with selling so I can use the money elsewhere. I need to pay for my commercial inspection course at Inspection World in San Diego upcoming in January.

Ok, dropping price to $1000 each. I paid $4000 each for them. If I don’t sell them at that, I’m keeping them because they’re good money makers and work great, I’m just trying to buy a couple more of the same kind that I’ve moved to using. I like the bluetooth feature of the other ones I use, these you have to hook a cable to.

Are these monitors still available?

Dudley Wilson