Two for one, today

Had a person call me. Buying a a new construction, split faced block building condo. He had an inspection, but the inspector warned him about split faced block construction in this area (not sealed, no flashing under the parapet wall coping, roof decks, no joist pocket flashing, the usual stuff).

The builder was a Realtor who had done two previous “rehabs” and this was his first new construction.

It was a real blessing that it had been raining for the last 2 days. Buyer wanted a second opinion, thought that the original inspector (good, well experienced guy, not a NACHI member) was being “overly concerned”.

So, went in to the unit he was going to buy (3 unit, duplexed down building, with roof deck front balconies on every floor).

Water pouring down from the light fixture boxes, big puddle of water on the bamboo floors, thermal imaging displayed water in the ceiling and in the walls.

Wanted to look at the “deck” area above the ceiling. That unit was “occupied” (according to the “subs” who where there to clean up the water. These clowns had NO clue.).

The client knocked on the door of the upper unit (top floor) and a 23 year old woman answered. She was living in the unit, and her parents were going to buy it (investment, she was a graduate student, during her school years).

Well, we went in. The deck (wooden, over a modified bit roof, deck resting directly on the roof, typical) had ripped the roof membrane (common, here) and the copings were not properly flashed and no counter flashing (just termination bar).

And, she had active, dripping, leaks from window tops.

Told the client to cancel the deal.

Told the girl (sorry, she was my daugter’s age, so to me, she is a girl) to call her lawyer (her parents had not yet closed, but she was living there on a pre-purchase rental deal, for a month) and have the lawyer cancel the deal.

The building was typical bad construction, waterlogged.

Both her parents (they live down state) called me and asked me to explain, which I did. They both thanked me, VERY MUCH, for helping.

The client was also happy and did not have a concern about me talking to the girl.

FYI. This was a “water intrusion consultation” and not an official “home inspection” (as defined by our state law or the NACHI SOP).

Kinda nice to help two people in one inspection.

Any Chicago inspectors, call me and I will tell you the address, in case you have to inspect it. A real POS!

Why do people who know nothing about construction think that the can build houses, simply by hiring idiot subs.

BTW. The local codies found no problems. They had kjust issued a CO.

I am looking forward to the builder trying to sue me for “S##t Canning” his building. I would LOVE to testify to his cr*ppy work!

Chicago. Go figure.

Hope this helps;

Good story, thanks for sharing.

Some days, you are happy with your chice to become an HI. This was one of them.

Glad I am doing a 100 year old gray stone today.
The only water I expect to see will be through the expected stone foundation. :slight_smile:

I referred another one of those to you this morning. Sounded like they had the same issues. I was in the area but already had 2 scheduled today.

Here’s one under construction. Deck on rooftop. Already starting to leak and the deck has barely been walked on!!