Two holes in the ground

Good day…please cast some opinions (those who may be in know) of what this component is. Its part of a ‘new’ sewage system. There are two next to each other about fifty yards from the house. There is a power box next to one. and a couple of 6 inch pvc caps on the ground next to this arrangement. There is supposed to be a new drainage field close by and could not find any evidence of that. Im wondering if this is some kind of lift station arrangement. since its fishing opener here and subsequently rainy, drizzly cold weather this was the only pic i could get.
These two openings are approximately two foot diameter. a five gallon bucket size ‘something’ in one (a lift pump?) and electric box next to other. thanks for input
mike in MN


Yes, most likely a ‘lift station’…

Or, a “dosing tank”…

My life just got more complicated.


The six inch caps might be access to the septic tank ahead of the lift station. If the lift station was considerably bigger, it usually will not have a septic tank in front of it. The reason why it is bigger is because it would need a grinder pump instead of just an effluent pump.