Two inspectors nailed for bribe money

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Inspectors Parrish and Scott advised the cooperating witness that they were willing to “help” the management company, but they needed to be “compensated” for their efforts. They also stated that they had already prepared their written report, but were willing to “burn” it and not inform the DDOE of the infractions. The cooperating witness then paid a bribe of $2,500 cash each to Inspectors Parrish and Scott, who agreed that they would not file their written report, and other evidence of infractions with the DDOE.

With the state of problems in the US this just happened.:shock:

The definition of integrity is the willingness - in the face of pressure to violate a sworn professional oath - to live in a cardboard box and sell pencils from a tin cup.

To put this in context, here is the full Press Release…

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2 D.C. inspectors accused of demanding bribes

By: Scott McCabe | 09/03/11 8:05 PM
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Two D.C. inspectors were arrested in a federal sting for allegedly demanding bribes to overlook illegal removal of hazardous waste from an apartment near the Southwest waterfront. Joe L. Parrish, 51, and Gregory A. Scott, 59, both inspectors in the District’s Department of Environment, were charged with soliciting and accepting a bribe. They face up to 15 years if convicted.
Their arrests followed an investigation by the FBI and D.C. Inspector General’s Office. Prosecutors say the men accepted a total of $20,000 in payments.
“We will remain vigilant in our efforts to detect and disrupt public corruption schemes in the District of Columbia,” said U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr.

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Since I am not from the US, I only took the information from my IAQ contacts.
I did not want to release the names until I did more research. My time was tight for this morning and I only had time to put brief info on MB.:smiley:

Just think about this as you do your next inspection … for a mere $5,000, all of these dangerous conditions would “meet code”.

Surely, government officials never get bought off. They should give these inspectors a break. It is hard to live off a government salary. It should just be called another government benefit. :mrgreen:

When I was in industry, many years ago, I witnessed an OSHA official taking a bribe. The sad part of it is they did it out in the open. Where there is money, crooked things will happened, not only in government. Sad but true.