Two InterNACHI staffers got married to each other last week.

InterNACHI’s Chief Software Engineer Tim Eaton married InterNACHI’s course approval manager Chloe M. (now Chloe Eaton).

Congratulations Tim and Chloe!

Congratulations, Tim and Chloe!

Fantastic Congratulations to both .

So glad for you what a great way to start of the New Year all the Best …Char and Roy

Congratulations and how soon will we see some mini-NACHI’s?

Very nice. Congratulations!

Congratulations guys!

Congratulations to you both

Congrats Tim and Chloe!

Congratulations Tim and Chloe!
What, no pictures?

Congratulations Tim and Chloe


Office relations are grounds for firing so good luck with the new job search.

Just Kidding.

miniNachis good one!

Congratulations to both of you and many wishes for the future. :):smiley:


Congratulations & Happy New Year…

How cool is that! Congratulations!


Hahaha thanks for all the good wishes, folks! 2014 will be a great year. (And no mini-NACHIs planned at the moment!) Here’s a picture - but be warned. It was a quiet hippy wedding in the mountains!

Computer geeks always get the girl. :). Congrats!