two mini split questions

Where is the condensate lines on these units?

I see “inverter” advertised on minisplits , whats an inverter?

The condensate line is typically a small diameter plastic or nylon tubing, wrapped up in the same bundle that exits the house (through the same hole).

An inverter compressor has variable speed instead of full “On” or “Off”.


thank you Dom

An inverter is a variable frequency motor controller that allows an AC motor to be operated at various RPM’s in response to a control input (such as a thermostat)

thank you

The drain lines on these units are a pain as they come sized to match nothing in any supply house here in the US. Its metric and when installing on an interior wall they have to be attached water tight it can be tricky. Also there can be issues with some brands as they come with a spring around the line set so they can be bent with out risk of kinking look for rust stains on plastic covers if the installer dose not make sure the line set is insulated correctly the cold suction line will sweat and spring will start to rust. It may be just a drip here and there not enough to cause damage to wall but Ive seen them stained on the bottom of the cover. Servicing minni splits and it can be a b!*^h pulling the head loose and insulating after they are secured to wall.