Two Panels off One Drop

Is there an issue with two panels being fed off one drop after the meter. The split was done in an electrical trough inside the garage. One panel is 200 amp and the second panel is 125 amp max, but does not have a main disconnect. House was built in 1977.

Do you have any other photo’s this shot doesn’t show very much.

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his is just showing the feed coming into the garage and the two panels are spliced in.

The panels are actually located on the back side of the wall.

Is there an OCPD (circuit breaker or fuse) at the meter?


There needs to be an OCPD nearest the point of entry of the service conductors into the building which is where the wireway is. I only see two raceways in the wireway is there a third one that is hidden? Also what is used to splice the three conductors together? A split bolt is typically listed for only two conductors.

Yes, the other one is blocked by the wire. The panel sit directly behind this trough on the wall. I had several other wiring issues in the home that will require a licensed electrician. I am going to recommend that they also have this evaluated. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.

You don’t have any photos of inside the two panels ??
Are you sure the main OCPD isn’t located within within the 200 amp panel, with another double-pole 100 amp breaker feeding the sub panel… that’s where better (or additional) photos would sure come in handy, especially should questions come up long after you’ve forgotten this specific home inspection.

A single service can have up to 6 sets of service disconnects.