Two panels or one

Ok guys here is another puzzle from today’s inspect would you say by looking at the IR image that it is the same panel as the digital image yes or no please???

1302 W Wabash Enid 7-11-11 046.jpg

Looks to be the same to me except the IR photo seems to be shooting upward more so than the first image.

I’m seeing a second image of something in the IR photo going to the right lug. I think it’s two similar units.

But what do I know???..I’m too old for this.

Well for an old fart your eyes are pretty good sure appears to me in the IR image there is two somethings on the right lug

Hi Robert I am taking your post as a vote yes same panel

Looking at the angle of the separation between the two hot feeder conductors IMO they’re the same panel. The likelihood that the same angle between two conductors in two different panels seems unlikely.

Charley I know you are older than I am but why are you taking measurements of an acute specular anomaly?

PS I like the one you had posted before of the reflections

Just for fun SHHHHHHHH

For a Yankee your pretty sharp, Ya know of all of the panels I have looked at I don’t thing any two had the very same pattern on the incoming conductors.

PS I Sneaked into NJ a couple of week ago went to MT Laural and Vineland

The “two somethings” include a conductor and a reflection, no?

Well this one did not get very far I must admit it is a reflection and depending on how I stood in relation to the panel I could create two reflections one on each conductor.

The only reason I posted this image was to show how easy it is to mix panels when shooting multiple panels not always easy to tell by just looking at the images the next day or two later. One has to get his numbering system documented correctly

IMO the conductor shape gave it away. :cool:

SO you visited NJ, quite a ways from home.

Didn’t mean to spoil yer fun :mrgreen:

Yes I got some CE while there and visited wife’s relatives I must say I have never liked driving in your State the roads are crazy no pattern they just build a road from point A to B with no rhyme or reason this State is set up on square miles easy to get around

No never mind was tired for games anyway an old historical two story with full basement today

see…now I am no IR guy…lol…but i see OTHER issues with this panel…:slight_smile: