Two problems with a builder

I inspected a 2012 home today with square d arc faults, they trip at the breaker but not with the sure test arc fault tested from the rooms. I used two testers neither worked. Builder it’s possible my testers are out dated and wont work on currnet components.

Second quesion, what is the height requirement for the fan and light hood above a gas kitchen range. The fan housing extends 5" plus in front of the over head cabinets and that is correct. The builder is telling me the height requirement in Florida has changed but i can find any info on that. I thought it was 30" above the range.
Thanks for your answers

Q1: You are using a method of testing arc faults that is not endorsed by the manufacturer. You should be using the test button on the breaker.

Q2: It is a listed device. You must get the requirement from the manufacturer’s installation instructions, which will match the UL listing. Model building codes defer to manufacturer installation instructions and UL listings. The IRC 30" requirement does not apply to listed hoods.

I agree with Chuck. All the information I have seen from the manufacturers says that the only proper way to test the AFCI is with the test button.

Since you made the comment… “it’s possible my testers are out dated and wont work on currnet components”… I am assuming you are attempting to test an** AFCI** with a **GFCI **tester… it won’t work! Approved method is as others have already stated above.

Sure does make a AFCI / GFCI combo tester. However not all AFCI breakers will trip using the tester. Test at the breaker only.