Two Thermostats

This was 1st for me today. One thermostat located in the garage and one located in the house. Why would you do this??? I turned the furnace OFF at the serviceman switch in the basement, I set the stat in the garage and the furnace came on. There is only one furnace. Can someone help me out???


Were there multiple zones on the supply air plenum?

Why someone would do that, I have no idea…
the possibility exists…

when you have seen this…
I will believe anything…

A Fireplace in the Garage…

Hi Buck hows everything on the north side of the fence??
Sounds like someone might have been lazy and wanted to control temp from the garage as the last thing to do before leaving and the first thing to do upon arrival home. Just a guess on my part I would have to play with the stats to see how they were wired in series or parallel. I can tell you this I gave up years ago trying to discover why people do the things they do. But I would not want my home inside temp controlled by the garage temp and I hope there was not a return in the garage near this stat

BTW an after thought did you happen to notice if there was one or two low voltage transformers in use

Darn Joe -

Thats cool / Got to get me one of those. My darn garage gets so cold when I’m idling the car in the morning OR working on the John Deere. This would be just the thing to fire up and keep warm with.

Buck -

Hubbies in doghouse (garage) and his old lady is giving him a break / this way he can help control how hot or cold he gets at nite.

Well at least it’s a separate heat source. Maybe the wife is a gearhead too and her idea of a romantic night is to port & polish her manifolds by the fire…

That sounded way more suggestive than I intended (8\)

Kinda like this? :smiley:

Hey, honey, I’m getting dizzy. I guess I forgot to turn the car off!

Satellite design to control heat in the Garage and timer shut off to save money.
Nice Picture Joe!

Hay Joe, at least they got the handrail right!

Must have been one of those “upscale” homes!

But the stairs are wrong and the return air 1 out 4.