two unit... thought i would share

going through the units we could see a common theme… a leak in the same general area on first and second floor…

attic was not much help as the rear was virtually inaccessible… and significant fire damage… then the roof was HIGH… but i just had to get up there…

Am i glad i did… here is what i found… :shock:

old roof… crappy condition…
new asphalt on very low pitch roof…

valley between the two… some LOOSE laid rubber and 6 tires to hold it down… NICE JOB! :wink:

Here are a couple photos… yours for only $77k :roll:



Well, it’s hard to find uses for old tires! :slight_smile:

And that is for the repairs Jeff, right? $77k
I liked the double color roofing caps, add a little contrast.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Gives a whole new meaning to asphalt impregnated roofing material :roll:

LOL, Barry, It looks like they tried to impregnate the asphalt with the EPDM, but found out they were of the same blood and did not consumate, so the tires was the next best thing. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

What is that just to the left of the step flashing and a few feet towards us in the pic?
Looks like a brown knapsack.

That green roofed house across the street looks familiar too. Did you do that one a few days ago?

Sorry, it was David.