Two water heaters (A Touching Story)

I am wondering if there is anything wrong with two water heaters touching ,though I am recommending drain pans as a side note.?

Seems that though there is a floor drain in front of them the floor slants towards the bedroom door in back of them.
water heaters (Small).jpg

P.S …1st floor slab

Only if they are married…

Generally, it’s not a problem. The clearance requirements are listed right on the units. Usually it’s 0" sides and back.

Guess the only problem is finding room for the drain pans.
Flip special bought in January with the seller / flipper there.
Old 2 flat

They look same sex to me Jae…

I would not normally think any thing of it either However for the sake of this discussion, with the combustion draw at the bottom of the water heaters, I wonder if that may cause some issues.

Sniff, sniff…

That is touching. :wink:

Actually they still need to add the room air requirement
The cat 4 unit is to the left (note panels are out)

There are water heaters in California…