TX Mold Inspectors NEEDED!

Rec’d today from a SAFECO Insurance agent:

Since Safeco is now requiring mold testing in the state of Texas and I have a customer who is about to be cancelled because he cannot find someone to do a test quickly and reasonably, can you recommend anyone to help this guy out. He lives in a new home in ‘dry’ Austin.
His email is ___________@aol.com, I cannot send any recommendations from work.
Hope you can help him, he is a nice guy and has been through put through the mill.

Looks like there will be a need for more certified Mold Inspectors - Contact Doug Caprio - dcaprio@prolabinc.com - to see about getting classes going!

Does anyone know if this is true for other states or only Texas? Also, is the agent the person who determines who performs the test or is it up to the insured to find the mold inspector?


up to the insured to find the mold inspector

That’s why the homeowner was having a tough time; see original post.