TX Mold Inspectors NEEDED!

Rec’d today from a SAFECO Insurance agent:

Since Safeco is now requiring mold testing in the state of Texas and I have a customer who is about to be cancelled because he cannot find someone to do a test quickly and reasonably, can you recommend anyone to help this guy out. He lives in a new home in ‘dry’ Austin.
His email is ___________@aol.com, I cannot send any recommendations from work.
Hope you can help him, he is a nice guy and has been through put through the mill.

Looks like there will be a need for more certified Mold Inspectors - Contact Doug Caprio - dcaprio@prolabinc.com - to see about getting classes going!

Mold testing is a licensed profession in TX as of Jan. 1 2005 (don’t quote me on the date). A lot of inspectors who used to do mold testing are not doing it anymore because of the licensing. Around here, mold testing has pretty much gone by the way side. I haven’t had anyone (a client) even ask about mold in over a year.

I had a buyer in China ask about mold recently. :wink:

I guess the point I was making is that at least one ins co is requiring mold inspections.
Somebody’s gonna be making some bucks doing them, so I’m giving fellow NACHI members a heads-up . . .