Type B vent termination question

Type B water heater vent terminates into copper stack / cap but is not directly connected. New home. OK? See picture. TY


I think not, but I would look for the manufacturer’s installation instructions for UL listed components. If I couldn’t verify it, I would raise the issue and challenge the installer to produce manufacturer documentation describing this as a valid configuration for their listed components.

Here are relevant code excerpts.

M1804.2.1 Through the roof. Vents passing through a roof
shall extend through flashing and terminate in accordance
with the manufacturer’s installation requirements.

G2427.6.3.1 (503.6.4.1) Decorative shrouds. Decorative
shrouds shall not be installed at the termination of gas vents except where such shrouds are listed for use with the specific gas venting system and are installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.

G2427.6.5 (503.6.6) Roof terminations. Gas vents shall
extend through the roof flashing, roofjack or roof thimble
and terminate with a listed cap or listed roof assembly

If the Copper stack is not double wall in my world it would be a definate no and I have never seen a copper double wall class B vent not to say there is not one I just have never observed one. Don’t know about TX but here the vent is required to be double wall above the dry wall