Type of covering

What appeared to be a spray on application was installed directly over asphalt composition shingles. While I know the owners did this to prevent having to replace the shingles but I’m curious as to the cons of this application concerning the added weight and difficulty of removing the covering?

The material was sprayed not only on the shingles but on the corners in an attempt to create a flashing.


Better/larger photo please?


Sorry Tom, that’s all I got.

It’s my understanding liquid EPDM is not compatible with asphalt composition shingles?


Was it Foam sprayed over shingles?

With a Reflective Sealant?

Hey Dale, thanks for the link!

The coating was smooth and looked wet with no reflective granules. It was definitely liquid rubber.

That link should give you all the information you need regarding acrylic polymer roof sealants.